Despertar después de haber dormido mal y enterarte de la muerte de Chris Cornell, simplemente anunció un día nada agradable. Con su deceso no sólo perdemos a uno de los bastiones que definieran el Grunge en los 90, también a uno de los Front man con mayor carisma y una de las mejores voces en la escena del rock contemporánea.

Ya sea que lo hayas escuchado con Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the dog o en su carrera como solista, Cornell mostró ser un profesional y su legado es imprescindible para cualquier que se precie de conocer algo sobre el rock. Hago este listado con las canciones que considero más representativas

Espero que en su lecho de muerte le haya rezado a los dioses y ángeles cual pagano a quien fuese que lo llevara al cielo. Hasta siempre, Chris.
“El fuego original ha muerto y desaparecido”. Haz dejado un gran agujero negro en nuestro corazón.

Outshined – Soundgarden

“Show me the power child/ I’d like to say/ that I’m down on my knees today/ Yeah, it gives me butterflies, gives me away…”


Nearly forgot my broken heart – Chris Cornell

Every little key unlocks the door/ every little secret has a lie/ tryna take a picture of the sun/ and it won’t help you to see the light…”



Show me how to live – Audioslave

“Someone get me a priest/ to put my mind to bed/ this ringing in my head/ is this a cure or is this a disease…”


Call me a dog – Temple of the dog

But when it’s my time to throw the next Stone/ I call you beautiful if I call at all/ You call me dog…”


As hope and promise fade – Chris Cornell

I’m lonely and I’m thirsty/ but it’s better I stay dry/ no more than two drinks away/ from crying”


Be yourself – Audioslave

“Someone gets excited/ in a chapel-yard/ and catches a bouquet/ another lays a dozen white roses on a grave…”


Can´t change me – Chris Cornell

“Wait just one minute here/ I can see that she’s trying to read me/suddenly I know…”


The day I tried to live – Soundgarden

“The day I tried to win/ I dangled from the power lines/ and let the martyrs stretch…”


Hunger strike – Temple of the dog

The fire’s cooking./and they’re farming babies/ while the slaves are all working/ blood is on the table./ The mouths are choking…”


Blow up the outside world – Soundgarden

“I’d give in if it could at least be ours alone/ I’ve given everything I could/ to blow it to hell and gone/ burrow down in and / blow up the outside world…”


Worried moon – Chris Cornell

“Can I visit your arms?/ Can I visit your legs?/ I won’t need your insults or praise/ won’t burn in your heart/ don’t worry your head/ yeah, if you don’t want a soul mate/ I’m your soul today”


Black hole sun – Soundgarden

“Times are gone for honest men/ and sometimes far too long for snakes/ In my shoes, a walking sleep/ and my youth I pray to keep”


Stay with me, baby – Chris Cornell

“Remember, remember/ I can’t help but wanting you/ loving you”


Cochise – Audioslave

And so I drink to health/ while you kill yourself/ and I’ve got just one thing/ that I can offer/ go on and save yourself…”


Jesus Christ pose – Soundgarden

“But you’re staring at me/ like I, like I need to be saved…”


Seasons – Chris Cornell

“Sleeping with a full moon blanket / sand and feathers for my head / dreams have never been the answer / and dreams have never made my bed…”


Wide awake – Audioslave

“So come pull a sheet over my eyes/ so I can sleep tonight / despite what I’ve seen today…”


Fell on black days – Soundgarden

“Whomsoever I’ve cured, I’ve sickened now/ and whomsoever I’ve cradled, I’ve put you down/ I’m a search light soul they say/ but I can’t see it in the night…”


Doesn´t remind me – Chris Cornell

“I like driving backwards in the fog/ cause it doesn’t remind me of anything…”


Like Stone – Audioslave

“On my deathbed I will pray/ to the gods and the angels/ like a pagan to anyone/ who will take me to heaven…”